Drawing on his background as a student of musical composition and of English literature, Peter Tuite's poetry seeks to merge musical and poetic forms, producing new kinds of musico-poetic expression. Twenty poems from his first collection of Ekphrastic poems, Moon Ghosts were shortlisted for the Patrick Kavanagh Poetry Awards in 2015 at which they received special commendation. In addition to completing Moon Ghosts for publication, he is currently working on his second collection, The Rippled Earth.


selected excerpts

The Great and the Good

There they stand above the fray

In look, serene

In view, sanguine

Shaping those few

Who listen or lean

Towards lost voices grey


And drowned amidst the hubbub's row

A lump of stone, a form that binds

And the humble goal of commemoration

With words whose actions all but role

Across a plane of ignorant minds

Whose minds see only now, only now


Lady with a Unicorn

Such are those stories green

She told herself through time

And still others unseen

As we stand here and judge

And imagine ourselves

Somehow even different

In kin, in kind, and smudge

the past of those who lived

As we do, as we did



Yes, I heard this once: the man in the desert

The well-read fool, ragged and poor

Translating his tales tall, preaching his cure

And spreading his learning, narrowed to intensity felt

Through fearful minds and hearts now knelt

Before something imagined, glorious, wondrous

Or so I heard it said... Yes, I heard them say